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News Briefs

SUMMER DC TRIP – Stephanie Avila

Ozarks Electric Cooperative sends four students on an all-expenses paid trip to Washington DC each summer. These individuals join 1,400 other high school juniors from across the country to explore the nation’s capital. While there, they learn about U.S.  government and history as well as the nation’s future. To be considered each student writes an essay on a topic: “What Day in History Would You Relive and Why?” Essays are judged, finalists selected and interviewed and winners attend the trip in June. For more information about the youth tour, students can contact the high school guidance counselors.

SCHOLARSHIPS – Zack Anderson

Finding out which scholarships are available requires a visit to the counselor’s office where the actual applications can be picked up and completed. The second option during a visit to the counseling center for scholarships is to find the address of the award desired and apply for it online. Most of the scholarships have deadlines and many types can be found. Questions about the scholarships can be answered by Ms. McCain, the guidance secretary, or the counselors themselves.

SUMMER TRIP – Nicci Cronn

Students have the opportunity to spend the summer exploring the world. A group of students and teachers will be going to areas outside of the city as they explore the United Kingdom. Anyone can go as long as someone in the group is a student at Farmington. The trip will be a couple of weeks long and full of fun activities such as exploring the famous sites of England and Edinburgh, eating authentic foods and experiencing another culture.

COLORS DAY DANCE – Brady Williams

The Color’s Day Dance will be held on Saturday, January 20th at Brand New Church. Tickets will be $10 in advance, or $20 at the door. Tickets can be purchased at lunches.The dance will be put on by the Cardettes. “I think the Color’s Day Dance is a great way to help support the Cardettes,” Coach Harper, dean of students, said. “It’s also a great way for people to be able to get to know each other better.”


Arkansas Governor’s School (AGS) is a six-week summer program from June 10th to July 21st. Any high school junior may apply. Students are selected for AGS based on their abilities and interests in a particular field. Participants are provided with their room and materials at no cost.There are public safety officers available at all time and can be reached by phone or emergency boxes around the campus. The deadline to apply is January 18th.

ACT TESTING – Destiny Clark

ACT testing is quickly approaching, with the next test on Feb. 10. Register on act.org by Friday Jan. 12 with the required payment of $46 (The cost is $62.50 if the writing portion is included). Late registration is from  Jan. 13 -19. Students unable to pay the fee can ask the counselor about a fee waiver. The test is required for 11th graders and optional for 10 graders.” Sophomores should take the ACT. It’s great practice,” Lori McCain, guidance secretary, said.

News Briefs