Drama Department Present First Musical Production


Cast members take a bow after performing for peers on April 5.

Zach Anderson and Stephanie Avila, Staff

New ground is being broken and this time it isn’t for a building. The drama department’s first musical production occurs tonight and tomorrow at 7 pm and 5 pm respectively. Practices started in January for the 51 students involved.

They met after school each day, except Friday, until 6. However, as the performance dates drew closer, practice days and hours increased.

“We’ve practiced really hard the last two weeks, and it’s been worth it.” Emily Lannutti, who plays the role of Belle, said. “It’s going to be awesome.”

Set construction began shortly after school started in August. Students in the stagecraft classes built and painted everything for the 40 foot set  with guidance from Zac Perry, drama teacher.

“Building the set was a lot of work, but fun, and it turned out really good,” Kurtis Taylor, senior, said.

Those involved in the ensemble started their rehearsals first. They learned all the big songs the audience expects to hear during this production such as, “Be Our Guest” and “Gaston.” They then focused on singing the songs without the help of the backing track.  Laura Jackson, choir director, has been helping with the music.

Reflecting on all the progress, Jackson said, “The kids have blown us away and exceeded our expectations.”

In planning the production, the hardest part for Perry was choosing for the main role because he had some very talented people try out for the show. He had some input from Jackson and Pedro England with audition process.

“I looked for the best singers and actors and made notes for Perry,” England, stage manager for the production said.

As the performance time has drawn nearer, England’s role has become more involved and demanding.

“I run the background side of the theater. [This includes helping with] the lights, sound, sound effects and making sure that everyone’s on time with their cues and that everything runs smoothly,” England said.

Costumes arrived last week and the cast hurriedly tried them. It was the final piece to assist each person in the full development of his or her character.

“If everything goes well then I think the audience is going to really like what we’ve done,” Perry said.