Court Members Reflect on Honor


Homecoming court members included (front row): Senior maids, Madalynn Bradley, Isabella McPherson and Sicily Gambino and (back row) junior maids, Madisyn Pense, Tatum Vinyard and sophomore maid, Cambre Strange.

Skylar Bendickson and Bre Coughran, Staff

With the announcement of their selection in early September, homecoming court members undertook a flurry of activity from finding dresses and cars to preparing for the actual celebration of the annual event.

Court members, selected by the football team, included: sophomore maid, Cambre Strange; junior maids, Madisyn Pense and Tatum Vinyard; senior maids, Madalynn Bradley, Sicily Gambino and Isabella McPherson.

McPherson’s reaction to being selected was that “it was an honor.”

When it came time to choose the perfect dress, mothers and daughters undertook shopping excursions.

Pense said that the process was “very stressful with my mom arguing with me about which dress to get.”

After all the preliminary work of finding dresses and celebrating the day at pep rally, the maids prepared for the evening’s activities.

Vinyard said, “It was painstaking. It took all day [to get ready].

Not only did they have to consider their dresses and makeup, but how to wear their hair also presented an important decision.

“I knew that I liked my hair down rather than up, so that’s why I did half a puff up,” said Gambino.

Dressed in the finery, the girls gathered for pictures and settled into their cars for the parade onto the football field. Each girl found her own car and driver for the introduction to the crowd gathered to celebrate the event.

Strange said, “My dad knew some people at the car dealership in Rogers, so he just had some strings.”

After the parade of cars, senior members of the football team escorted the maids onto the field and awaited the naming of the event’s queen. Bradley’s name was called.

Reflecting on being crowned queen, Bradley said, “It was very surprising [when my name was called]. I was very nervous, but I was really happy that it happened.”