Libraries? Still Important?


Jade Wilson

With all the new technology available, how many people still use books and desk top computers? A school wide poll was recently conducted to gain insight into library use.

100% of the 103 people polled use the internet to research. These statistics reflect a change from the time veteran teachers conducted research for papers and projects.

Karla Vann, high school librarian said, “We only used reference books and encyclopedias; there was no internet back then.”

The uses for the library can differ from studying, to checking out books, and even just hanging out.

According to the Library Use Poll, 30% of students use the library to study and 21% use it to hang out. Other responses included: to finish late assignments, relax, to do research projects, when the chromebooks aren’t working, to print materials, and to finish upcoming assignments.

“The library is mostly used to read, study, test, and wait for college tests to start,” Vann.

11% of those polled admitted to checking out textbooks  for school, instead of using the online versions. According to Vann, “Approximately 100 people from the whole school still check out physical copies of books.”

When considering the impact of technology and non-fiction books a definite change has occurred over time.

“Library use has dropped a lot, due to new technology,” said, Vann. “About the only things checked out anymore are fiction books.”

The poll also included questions about the use of the city’s public library.

Roughly 40% of those polled said that they used this facility. For what? The uses vary from checking out books, movies and music to studying, printing, and using the computer for assignments.

“We’ve had about 175 active young adult users (ages 13-17) over the past three years with library cards. The library strives to offer a variety of materials and services, and it is safe to assume students are using the library for both educational and entertainment purposes,” Rachel Sawyer, head of the Farmington Public Library said.

With all the new technology available, the school and public libraries appear to be thriving with student using both spaces with uses that vary from educational to entertainment.