Cardettes Perform and Compete


The squad's Homecoming dance was performed in a jazz style.

Hannah Dimmitt

As the opportunities for performances wind down with the end of basketball season, anticipation builds for the selection of next year’s dance squad. This year’s squad consists of 10 girls.

The entertainment provided by the Cardettes at basketball and football games, as well as pep rallies, doesn’t just magically happen.

“Training begins in March of every year,” said Emily Storm, senior.

The team members train for hours in many different dance styles.

Ashley Burfitt, senior, said “kick, jazz, pom, and hip-hop are the styles of dance that we do.”

The routines developed for games, pep rallies and contests are choreographed by two dance alumni, Emily Parker and Hannah Ball, who co-own Impulse Dance Company.

“[Working with Impulse] is fun. They have an awesome studio and they’re super supportive and really help you learn the moves,” said Burfitt.

The squad’s Homecoming dance was performed in a jazz style.

These skills are displayed and evaluated at the State 5A competition held each year in November. For the most recent competition, the team traveled to Jonesboro.

Storm said “We placed 6th overall.”

The state meet involved more than just the competition, however. Other events were also included in the competition.

“Jump and turn competitions were also incorporated,” said Storm.

There were many schools all around the state that competed in this event.

“There were 10 other 5A schools that we competed against,” said Burfitt.

Students interested in joining next year’s squad must attend the meeting this Sunday, February 12, at 2:30 pm at the Performing Arts Center. Once the new squad is selected, the training for the next school year begins.

Cardettes perform at the Colors Day pep rally, dancing to the week’s theme of “Adventure is Out There.”