Waiting Pays


Mr. Besett teaches his world history class.

Hannah Dimmitt

Waiting in line for a full-time job is never easy. However, for History teacher Cody Besett, the wait was worth it. After working part-time for 2 years, Besett started working full-time in August of this year.

“It wasn’t difficult because I knew it would happen eventually. Something would work out… I also got to help out with the Homebound program,” said Besett.

The Homebound program was created for students that were unable to go to school. They would stay at home for a certain period of time, and teachers would meet with them in the library or other location. From there, they would go over work and different material. There were some challenges involved in this, but overall, it was rather successful. Besett worked with 5 students total.

“I had to go with certain teachers and talk to them. I looked at [their] material if the subject was difficult or I couldn’t figure something out. [But], it was pretty easy to get ahold of them for information.”

While working with these students, Besett built relationships with other teachers. This helped him make some comparisons between Farmington and his own high school of Rogers.

“Farmington reminds me a lot of schools in Rogers. [However], teachers are more willing to get to know you here. The classes are smaller, and you are a person instead of a number.”

One way that Besett is getting to know a variety of students is through his involvement in the Robotics program. He ended up being in charge of it after he was asked due to a need for someone to fill that position.

“I like it a lot… [We always] make sure we have a plan. I leave a lot open to the students and put them in different categories [such as] fundraising and engineering. The upperclassmen help teach the younger students, and they make sure everything works together and deadlines are met.”

This year, the Robotics group benefits from a full class period to work on their project. In addition to this class, Besett also teaches World History, Civics, and World Geography.

These latter classes are the reason Besett became a teacher.

“I had a few very good History teachers in high school who influenced my career decision,” said Besett. “Having gone to school in Rogers, I’m fortunate because I’m able to teach close to home.”

Mr. Besett teaches his world history class.