Homecoming Activities Underway

Delaney Jones

With Homecoming events in full swing, students participated in two days of creative costuming so far this week.  As questions arise about the remaining activities, checking signs around school provides the details about the rest of the week.

This year’s Homecoming theme follows the adventures of Alice in Wonderland. In keeping the characters in mind, the Mad Hatter was honored with messy hair Monday.

“It actually saved me some time in the morning not having to brush my hair ,” said Hannah Dimmitt.

The halls filled with student and staff seeing double on Tuesday. Homage was paid to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum with twin day.

“Chunk and Chum go together like Mike and Ike,” said Carley Antwine and Camryn Journagan.

The Red Queen is known for saying “off with their heads!” Students are asked to refrain from going that far, and are encouraged instead to fake an injury on Wednesday.

“ I’m very excited to get to dress up and be able to use some awesome crutches and fake blood,” said Isaac Cartwright.

Thursday offers the opportunity to get “trippy” with tie dye and crazy mix-match outfits.

“It’s gonna be pretty lit because everyone loves trippy stuff. Everyone’s going to dress up for it,” said Shandreka McCullough.

On Friday things are all about royalty. Students dress in the color designated for their classes with freshmen in gray, sophomores in black, juniors in red and seniors in white.

The Homecoming pep rally takes place on Friday morning. Students will be bussed to Cardinal Arena for an introduction to the court, performances by the band and cheer and dance squads. Class competitions round out the morning of activities. Students return to school anticipating the final class event before the evening’s game.

“I’m very excited about being able to play in the band and all the peppyness,” said Emily Lannutti.

Class tailgating occurs in the senior parking lot after school. With the Birdcage theme for the evening of “white out,” participants need to keep this in mind as they plan their activities and decor.

“This week should b e interesting because it’s homecoming so the players and student section will be more lit than usual. Also expect to see some new things from the birdcage.”said Jack Danenhauer.

Prior to the game against Greenbrier, a parade of court members followed by their introduction to those in attendance is planned. Capping off these introductions will be the announcement and coronation of the queen.

Rounding out the week of activities, the Homecoming dance takes place at Brand New Church on Saturday from 8:30 – 11:00 pm. Students need to buy their tickets and register any date coming from a different school by Thursday. Tickets cost $10 per person or $15 per couple in advance. Students purchasing tickets at the dance pay $20 per person.